About Janeen

janeen_6Spirit & Intuitive Training

In my late 20s I was drawn by an unseen force to explore spiritual traditions and healing modalities. I read works from inspirational teachers, chanted at kirtans, explored yoga, took reiki, and intuitive massage courses, and attended workshops on shamanism. I was also the administrative assistant for a non profit organization in Fort Worth, Texas called C.H.E.C. – Continuing Health Education Center. The organization sponsored workshops, seminars, and musical events that introduced alternative healing and spirituality to the mainstream public.

This was all preparation for meeting my future teacher, Sandra Kovacs. I’d become aware of my clairvoyant ability through a series of images that would come to me when my hands were on a person’s body. I was grateful to begin what would be three years of training at The Intuitive Healing Center of Taos. I graduated from a series of three programs. The Clairvoyant Training Program, the Teachers Training Program, and the Ministerial Program. The tools that I acquired were originally taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and have been the foundation of my work to date.


Working as a Psychic

Through a serendipitous referral I connected with a group of clients from Portland Oregon and began a rhythm of traveling back and forth from Taos and then Hawaii to Portland to work with individual clients and students. The experience of working with hundreds of people began to hone me. I began to trust new and innovative techniques that would spontaneously arise during a reading. These weren’t tools I had learned, they were being given to me as an answer to what an individual needed.
I’m still in awe of this work. The field of energy or consciousness that I enter into is more expansive then I can adequately describe. I enter a sacred space where anything is possible and offer this possibility to the client. Together with the spirit guides and our higher selves great changes can occur. Great healing can manifest.


My Other Passion

In the spring of 2002 I bought a three acre piece of land in the Kau district of the Big Island of Hawaii. As I sat on the land and meditated I understood that the land itself was asking for something to be birthed there. The phrase “Others will come,” kept resounding. After years of clearing rocks, pruning dead wood, planting plants, designing and building, there are four living structures, more than an acre of gardens, a fish pond and multiple decks.

A community of friends and family have helped me bring this vision of a Hawaii Retreat into being. I feel very blessed to be able to offer it as a sanctuary for others to use when they want a personal retreat in Hawaii.


What Now?

I keep listening to spirit. Going where I’m guided. Expanding my heart. Welcoming all my clients, friends, students and loved ones to share this miraculous journey with me.

Namaste… and many blessings, Janeen