Sitting With The Mystics

I was introduced to Mystical writing in my 30s. Reading the great Mystics brought me closer to God, Source, The One. Through these profound, sometimes profane writings my appreciation for spirituality, love, and wisdom emerged

I had the awesome opportunity to sit and write with two internationally known translaters of mystical poetry, this last weekend at the Llama Foundation, in Northern New Mexico. Daniel Ladinski, known for his translations of Rumi and Hafiz, and Mirabai Star, known for her translations of Saint Theresa De Avila, and Saint John Of The Cross. I have often in Meditation heard the voice of the divine speak…..Here’s a couple that you could say, I heard and translated this weekend. Each short verse is a complete poem similar to the Haiku style of Japanese poetry. For more, go to the new Poetry tab.

The Cup sits waiting
Fill it up with your hearts longing
Spilling Out everywhere

I say, I’ll give you everything
One hand behind my back holding
A bag of broken dreams

I am intimate with God
We chat daily
Listening to each other
Like the fascinated lovers
That we are

What is Psychic Awareness?

Psychic ability is talked about, as an unusual phenomenon.  It’s actually an ability we all have. Psychic is described in the dictionary as, relating to, or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, esp. involving telepathy or clairvoyance.   The term psychic actually includes a large range of abilities.  The most common are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), empathy (feeling others emotions), telepathy (sending messages from one person to another), and gut feeling.  Often we say, “I just knew you were thinking of me”, or “I knew you were going to call”.  It’s very easy for us to read those close to us.  This is why we often know things about them, without knowing how.

I’ve trained people for over a decade, and often people are skeptical of their own ability.  One way I address this, is with a simple explanation of the two hemispheres of the brain.   The Left hemisphere is responsible for cognitive, logical thinking. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuitive, creative, visionary  awareness.   In our culture because of our training, we have lost much of our capacity for our intuitive ability.  The good news is, It can always be reawakened and accessed.

Returning To Oneness

There are many great teachers guiding us to consciousness.  One that I’m currently appreciating is

Leslie Temple -Thurston.   Her book “Returning To Oneness”  is a concise look at what keeps us from consciousness.

In Returning To Oneness, there are seven keys of ascension.  The first key is releasing the belief in Loss & Gain.  This is equivalent to saying, release dualistic thinking.  We are brought up to believe in the dualistic nature of  life.  There are many opposites, pain & pleasure, good & bad, happy & sad, healthy & unhealthy, and of course loss & gain.   Leslie says we hold the belief  of Loss & Gain in our solar plexus, our power center.  I’m investigating this, and it feels true, that when we buy into the story of loss and gain we have an energy block at our solar plexus.  A tightness between our belly and heart, a restriction of flow.   One of the visualizations in the previous blog post, is similar to the meditation Leslie suggests for opening the flow through the center of your body, the (shashumna).

Contemplate for a moment, what life would be like if you didn’t hold the belief of Loss & Gain.  It would dismantle your ego.  Our Ego is constantly involved in dualistic thinking.

What if life, was just life happening without our mind/ego assigning good and bad qualities to it?

How much easier would it be to find balance, harmony and equanimity?

When You Lose Your Partner ~ Where Do You Focus?

Often we center our life around another.  We mold our lives to fit theirs.  We use them as a grounding rod, a way to anchor our routines and experiences.  They give our life form and structure.

What happens when they’re gone?  The rug can feel pulled out from under your feet.  Where do you orient your attention now?  Back on your own center…back on your own life.

In this experience of loss, it often takes time to reshape your life and find complete grounding.  Simple practices help bring you back to the center of your life~now.   Two that are extremely helpful are “Finding Your Feet” and “Breathing Into Your Midline”.

To practice Finding Your Feet….take a deep breath, notice your feet, wiggle your toes.  When you feel like you have energy and awareness in your feet, plant them both firmly on the ground.  Press into the earth through your feet.  See deep roots traveling down into the earth, through the floor.   Let your breathing relax.  Feel the support~ it’s right there, under you.


To practice Breathing Into Your Midline….Locate the center of your body.  Spend a moment in each of the following locations.  Feel the center of your head and face, throat and lung area, solar plexus and belly, pelvic basin and perineum.  Imagine a hollow tube that runs from your crown chakra/top of head through the center of your body, down to the root chakra/perineum area.  Breathe into the center of yourself.   Bring awareness to the back of your central channel and breathe.  Bring your awareness to the right side of your central channel and breathe, bring your awareness to the front of your central channel and breathe,  bring awareness to the left side of your central channel and breathe.

Breathing into your midline

Rewriting The Story is another important practice.   If you keep recycling the same mental /emotional dialogue you may get stuck in the pain, grief and anger.  What story is an improvement?  How about. ” I am loved and supported in this time of transition”,  “I bring my awareness to my feet and grounding, feeling the ground under me”,  ” I am partnering with my higher self and hearts desire”, ” I am surrounded by Earth Angels, here to help me”.  Keep these posted as a way of reminding yourself.  (What a great word ~  Re~minding)

Being Kind & Compassionate With Yourself….This is a difficult time so honor this passage.  What things are nurturing and nourishing in your world.   Include more of these.   Get hugs from friends, eat well, get plenty of sleep. Know when you need time alone to integrate and practice reaching out to others when you feel lonely.

And Dear Hearts remember….this to shall pass.


Going With The Flow

Allowing, listening and being able to go with the flow, are all part of the energy we call Yin.  Yin is a receptive, nurturing, open energy.

Going with the flow requires awareness.  You never know what will arise if you allow life to move through you.  One of the wonderful things about vacations,  is we often let ourselves enter the flow.  We allow uncharted time.  We open to life and become delighted by the adventure.  Notice if you give yourself the opportunity during your day or week to simply go with the flow.  Some people might putter, some lay in a lawn chair and feel the sun, some enter into meditation.

There are invaluable health benefits derived from  unscheduled time.  Your nervous system and body get a break from striving and doing.  Allow yourself to enter the flow of non doing and see for yourself.

Letting Go

We may know in our hearts that it’s time to let go, of a job, a relationship, or a habit.   Even in this knowing, we struggle with an internal part of ourselves that’s attached.  This part is holding on.   How then to let go, when you know your life or health would be better without this holding on?

The first thing needed, is the ability to traverse your fears.  What fears are keeping you from letting go?   Next you must traverse your attachment.   Often, we see why our attachment keeps us hooked.  We may say “I need the money”, “But I love him/her”, or “I don’t want to change my diet”.   All of these may be true, but it would be helpful to examine your fears and attachments.  They will keep you locked in an internal cycle of wanting change, but talking yourself out of it.

In addition to walking through your fears and attachments there is another important key.  Learning to trust.   Most of us do not trust, the future, our choices, or the world we live in.   We hold on, often because something is better than nothing at all.   This belief or attitude needs to be examined and changed as well.

One of the simplest ways to begin the process of letting go is to train your body.  On an inhalation ask your body to OPEN & RECEIVE and on an exhalation ask your body to  BREATH & RELEASE.  Follow this cycle of breathing, allowing a slow, deep inhalation and a slow, deep exhalation.

A wonderful author to read, when making difficult changes is Pema Chodron. She has a number of books.   A few of them are “When Things Fall Apart”, “Comfortable With Uncertainty”, and “The Places That Scare You.

We can experience life as an ever changing, evolution.  If we come to our life with curiosity, trust, openness and creativity…we will never be stuck in any location for long.

Forgiving All

This morning as I was sitting, I heard  “forgive them all”.

Forgive that they weren’t who you wanted them to be.

Forgive that they didn’t fulfill your desires or needs.

Forgive that they see through different eyes.

Forgive that you’ve felt alone or lonely.

Forgive that you’ve felt abandoned.

Forgive that you’ve felt unheard, unloved or disconnected.

Forgive that you’ve been irritated, frustrated or judgmental.

Forgive that you’ve been unloving, selfish or mean.

Forgive that  you haven’t known how to let go.

Forgive that you couldn’t accept.

Forgive the drama, karma and conditional loving.


Breathe into this.  We are all souls evolving.  Conscious~unconscious~in between.

There is no limit to the love, no end to the grace, no true separation.

Forgive the forgetting we all do….and bless everything in your path.

Aging Gracefully

When we enter our forties often our bodies begin to change in unpredictable ways.  When we enter our fifties it’s apparent that we are loosing our once youthful visage.  Because we’ve identified with our looks it can become disturbing.   My mother used to look in the mirror and say “Who’s that old lady, I still feel eighteen”.  I now look in the mirror and smile because I’m thinking the same thing.

There’s a current compulsion to remain young forever. We have products and technologies that allow us to roll back the  years.  We no longer see old people as beautiful, or a natural part of the process of living.  We are stubbornly resisting the inevitable, that we are biodegradable.  Look around.  Everything in nature is in the process of birthing, growing, sustaining and declining.

How can we age healthfully and gracefully?  Taking good care of yourself becomes the priority.  Are you in balance?  Do you eat well, get rest, and exercise.  Do you choose nurturing relationships and activities.  Can you look in the mirror and smile at those new lines instead of being stressed by the inevitable changes?

As I’m aging I notice a softening.  A way of being with myself that’s more accepting and loving.  I notice that how I appear to another is less important to me.  I’m enjoying the freedom of being a bit more anonymous. I know that those people that can truly see, will look through the signs of aging, to the heart of me.

Self Centered ~ Centered In Self


Many of us  have been trained to give put energy out.  We invest it  in our children, spouses, homes, work and projects.   This can be rewarding, if in balance.  If out of balance,  it  leads to feelings of exhaustion, frustration and resentment.  We’ve been taught to negate our needs.  We defer to the demands of life and others. Often people feel selfish when they put their attention on themselves.  There’s a difference between being selfish and being centered in self.   When you’re centered in self, you know how to take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  You make yourself a priority, understanding that you can’t continually give energy out until you’ve received energy in.  Yin and Yang need to be in balance.  Yang is the energy that sustains focus and action.  Yin is the energy that receives and renews.  You can establish more yin patterns in your life by resting, practicing yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, bathing luxuriously, listening to soothing music, or giving yourself unscheduled puttering time.  Any experience or activity that feels replenishing, renewing and regenerative.


For Some of us, giving is a way of life.  It’s comfortable and predictable.  We  feel good when we contribute something positive to another.  But if you notice that you give easily and receive poorly you may want to investigate more deeply.   As children or young adults we may not have felt support or truly caring.  We may have turned to giving as a way to secure love, friendship, and a sense of belonging.

If you’re a care giver you may want to check in with how easily you receive.  Does it make you uncomfortable to be taken care of?   Do you feel less in control?  Do you feel like you always have to give if you receive?

Today…notice when someone is trying to give to you, weather It’s a compliment, some kindness, a meal, or help of some kind.   You know how good it feels when you give to others….practice allowing others to give to you.  Yes…you.  You are deserving of it and can practice relaxing into it.  There is an art to receiving, which if cultivated lets the energy flow between you and others in an unending flow.