A Positive Rampage Of Appreciation


Many of you are familiar with Ester Hicks who channels a collective group of spirit guides, affectionately called Abraham. In several of the Abraham recordings Ester/Abraham talk about a Positive Rampage Of Appreciation. I’ve experienced this to be incredibly simple and powerful.

The Rampage Of Appreciation focuses on affirming and appreciating what you have, in the present tense.

I’m so lucky  to live in Hawaii and be able to go to the beach..  I have a great job doing what I love to do.  My health is amazing.  I feel vital and creative.  I’m surrounded by great love in my life.  Amazing friends, clients and family grace my daily experience.  The universe supports all of my desires with positive action.  Money is flowing from fun and surprising sources…….

When business is a little slow, instead of worrying, I remember to go on a positive rampage.   Within 24 hours I’m often getting calls or emails for readings. if I’m feeling disconnected from friends and a little lonely I go on a rampage and guess what?  Emails and phone calls start pouring in.  The rampage is not just about what you are actually experiencing, but what you are intending to manifest in present time.  This is so simple that I think of it as Practical Magic.  Have fun and Rampage away……

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