Aging Gracefully

When we enter our forties often our bodies begin to change in unpredictable ways.  When we enter our fifties it’s apparent that we are loosing our once youthful visage.  Because we’ve identified with our looks it can become disturbing.   My mother used to look in the mirror and say “Who’s that old lady, I still feel eighteen”.  I now look in the mirror and smile because I’m thinking the same thing.

There’s a current compulsion to remain young forever. We have products and technologies that allow us to roll back the  years.  We no longer see old people as beautiful, or a natural part of the process of living.  We are stubbornly resisting the inevitable, that we are biodegradable.  Look around.  Everything in nature is in the process of birthing, growing, sustaining and declining.

How can we age healthfully and gracefully?  Taking good care of yourself becomes the priority.  Are you in balance?  Do you eat well, get rest, and exercise.  Do you choose nurturing relationships and activities.  Can you look in the mirror and smile at those new lines instead of being stressed by the inevitable changes?

As I’m aging I notice a softening.  A way of being with myself that’s more accepting and loving.  I notice that how I appear to another is less important to me.  I’m enjoying the freedom of being a bit more anonymous. I know that those people that can truly see, will look through the signs of aging, to the heart of me.

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