Becoming Aware of Your Backside

When I work with people I often see energetic holding patterns in the back of their body and aura.  These holding patterns are an accumulation of beliefs, experiences, fears and trauma.  One of the most common holding patterns I see is  the belief or idea that “I have to hold everything up and hold it together”.  This creates a rigidness in their physical body.  Their neck, shoulders and spine are often tight or restricted feeling.  The flow of energy is blocked..

One way to begin releasing the holding patterns behind you…is to practice bringing your attention to the back of your physical body, slowly scanning it, breathing deeply, training your body to relax and release, to soften and trust.  Real~eyes  that something bigger than you is holding things up, and together.  Reverse the habit of feeling isolated and solely responsible for everything…to trusting that the universe is backing you up.

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