Entering the battle field

This year has been a momentous year for me, in terms of personal growth.

One insight that’s been profound this year, is that in intimate relationships with our partner, children, and best friends…when we feel hurt, we often enter the battle field.  We take a position, push away & resist, ignore, stand our ground, accuse, blame, and make the other the enemy.  I read a phrase in a book recently that resonated deeply.  “When you enter the battle field, no one wins”.  We run the risk of causing damage to our relationships when our hearts close, we mistrust…we make those we love the enemy.  There’s a beautiful chapter in the book ~ Waking Up Together ~ Differences Without Division.  Part of my noticing this year will be ….noticing how I react when I feel hurt.  Am I blaming the other person for my feelings?  Is there a way to articulate my experience without cutting the other person down?  My desire this year is to stay alert, mindful and openhearted when faced with a situation that has triggered, tender, emotional, and at times volatile feelings.

Being Kind


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