Expectations ~ Desire

Today I find myself ruminating about expectations. When we expect something we define the experience we want to have before we have it. We are setting parameters in order to control an experience and desired outcome. This is a set up for disappointment. We can’t control every outcome or experience especially where others are concerned.

Whats the difference between expectation and desire? A clear desire arises from within you and feels resonate with your body and being. An expectation is an idea imposed by your mind or emotional body on a situation or person. You may desire closeness to someone…this is natural, but to expect that the other person will feel the same way or fulfill your desire is imposed.

How then to stay open to our natural desire without the overlay of expectation? Ahh this is the question isn’t it! Let desire flow through you, breathe into and through your desire but release the tendency to grasp, manipulate or control the outcome. Let yourself enter into the flow of life trusting that your desire will be met in a unique way, free of the limitation of your own expectation and control.

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