Forgiving All

This morning as I was sitting, I heard  “forgive them all”.

Forgive that they weren’t who you wanted them to be.

Forgive that they didn’t fulfill your desires or needs.

Forgive that they see through different eyes.

Forgive that you’ve felt alone or lonely.

Forgive that you’ve felt abandoned.

Forgive that you’ve felt unheard, unloved or disconnected.

Forgive that you’ve been irritated, frustrated or judgmental.

Forgive that you’ve been unloving, selfish or mean.

Forgive that  you haven’t known how to let go.

Forgive that you couldn’t accept.

Forgive the drama, karma and conditional loving.


Breathe into this.  We are all souls evolving.  Conscious~unconscious~in between.

There is no limit to the love, no end to the grace, no true separation.

Forgive the forgetting we all do….and bless everything in your path.

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