Going With The Flow

Allowing, listening and being able to go with the flow, are all part of the energy we call Yin.  Yin is a receptive, nurturing, open energy.

Going with the flow requires awareness.  You never know what will arise if you allow life to move through you.  One of the wonderful things about vacations,  is we often let ourselves enter the flow.  We allow uncharted time.  We open to life and become delighted by the adventure.  Notice if you give yourself the opportunity during your day or week to simply go with the flow.  Some people might putter, some lay in a lawn chair and feel the sun, some enter into meditation.

There are invaluable health benefits derived from  unscheduled time.  Your nervous system and body get a break from striving and doing.  Allow yourself to enter the flow of non doing and see for yourself.

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