Letting Go

We may know in our hearts that it’s time to let go, of a job, a relationship, or a habit.   Even in this knowing, we struggle with an internal part of ourselves that’s attached.  This part is holding on.   How then to let go, when you know your life or health would be better without this holding on?

The first thing needed, is the ability to traverse your fears.  What fears are keeping you from letting go?   Next you must traverse your attachment.   Often, we see why our attachment keeps us hooked.  We may say “I need the money”, “But I love him/her”, or “I don’t want to change my diet”.   All of these may be true, but it would be helpful to examine your fears and attachments.  They will keep you locked in an internal cycle of wanting change, but talking yourself out of it.

In addition to walking through your fears and attachments there is another important key.  Learning to trust.   Most of us do not trust, the future, our choices, or the world we live in.   We hold on, often because something is better than nothing at all.   This belief or attitude needs to be examined and changed as well.

One of the simplest ways to begin the process of letting go is to train your body.  On an inhalation ask your body to OPEN & RECEIVE and on an exhalation ask your body to  BREATH & RELEASE.  Follow this cycle of breathing, allowing a slow, deep inhalation and a slow, deep exhalation.

A wonderful author to read, when making difficult changes is Pema Chodron. She has a number of books.   A few of them are “When Things Fall Apart”, “Comfortable With Uncertainty”, and “The Places That Scare You.

We can experience life as an ever changing, evolution.  If we come to our life with curiosity, trust, openness and creativity…we will never be stuck in any location for long.

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