Love Without Agendas

Heart of the world

When I first met my partner, I sat for sometime in meditation, asking for guidance about embarking on this new journey of love, and relationship. I distinctly remember hearing from guidance that this relationship would teach me about love without agenda’s and love without bounds. I was intrigued by these two statements.

As we’ve journeyed together, these two statements have been profound guideposts. What does it mean to have love without agendas? This is true unconditional loving. As a humanity we are just beginning to understand this transformation of our hearts. I experience myself shifting as I practice the list below….

Accept the person fully (this does not mean you like everything they do)

Stay present ~ when it’s difficult

Cultivate a willingness and interest in seeing your loved one’s point of view

Let go of expectation (when possible) and subsequent disappointment

Ask for what you need with kindness

Own your feelings, instead of projecting them

Open when you want to contract

Don’t place blame

Practice gratitude

Express blessings, appreciation and positive intention

Forgive everything that has felt unkind, painful or unloving

We are each a universe. Diverse, complex, and amazing. We cannot control someone else, how they feel or how they perceive life. But we can choose to evolve into, the most loving person in our world.

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