It's your light that lights the world


I recently found a stack of old journals.  Part of me wanted to pitch them.  Instead I went through them, and ripped out pages that still spoke to me.  These writings are not exactly poetry…and then again….

I feel Old and Ageless

amused by what

surrounds me

what exists within me

I’ve been looking

through the eye of a needle

at the backside of an elephant

the elephant is me

I’m huge and tough

with tender eyes

ears that hear all

and still I walk the earth

through war and famine

seeking a waterhole and refuge

tough hide and broken heart


Heart Centered

in the middle



center stage


heaven and earth


I Reside

in this body

of bone and blood

I inhabit

this topography

this geography

I’m grateful to be

here and home again


Fear Shakes Me

like an earthquake rumbling

I hold my ground

glimpsing fear

as an unruly child

all tantrums and lies

accusation and withdrawal

You don’t scare me anymore fear

I will love you

until you dissolve

into a puddle

of tears and laughter

until you become a mere shadow

of your former self

until you are a dust mote

in a prism of light


Ocean Calling

Boat dreams dancing

in my head

brilliant glare glittering

from waters edge

blinding me

skin slightly chapped

from sun and wind

boat deck rocking

like cradle rocking

ocean calling

like mother singing

me back into her arms again

Heavenly Sky


For decades I’ve been reading Colman Barks, and Daniel Ladinski’s translations of the great mystics. Hafiz, Rumi, St Theresa, Tukaram, Rabia and more. These sacred voices from the East and West all had devotional love affairs, with God, Source, Creator.

Here’s a taste of what I heard the divine say in a  writing workshop with Mirabai Star and Daniel Ladinski in Llama, New Mexico. They are pointing to the God in all of us, and our relationship to Creator, Source, The Divine. Each short verse is a Haiku style poem.

God Speaks through you
Every syllable annunciated
With exquisite care

Darling One
So profoundly Willful
Surrender Now

The Cup sits waiting
Fill it up with your hearts longing
Spilling Out everywhere

Dear One
All I could do is smile
back at you

I was looking
In the mirror and caught
your mouth turned up

I play
The sweetest notes
on you

You appeared
Walking on a Woodland Trail
A Columbine

You were everywhere
Everywhere, in my heart
In the air

Mind Jumps
For a moment to distract me
From this reverie

Blue, Blue, Blue
New Mexico Sky
Kissing Angels feet

When the Mystery
deepens ~ a vast expanse
We become Holy

There was a light forming
A halo above your head ~ sparks
Shooting from your eyes
Blue fire and ice

Moves me continuously
Without ceasing

Allows all gratitude
To speak

I say, I’ll give you everything
One hand behind my back holding
A bag of broken dreams

Stay here with lip trembling
From grief or fear
Let me wrap you
In these arms of love

I am intimate with God
We chat daily
Listening to each other
Like the fascinated lovers
That we are

There has never been one thing
That was not made by his hand
It makes you wonder
What team God plays on

The angels
Are standing in line again
Waiting to be given
The staggering opportunity
To eat raviolli
Tie their shoelaces
Wipe a tear
From a child’s eye
Never believe
Is not sacred

If you really get quiet
And Listen
You will hear the sound
Of God thumb tacking love notes
To your ears

Flame & Fire
Of Passions Tongue
Licking me clean

I sat alone
Loving each of you
Through my eyes
And yes
You were alone too
Loving me
With your Smiles

It’s time
To Stop Pretending
If your amnesia
Has become

The Advertising Industry
Has not a clue
About Sexy
They would all
Be reaching
For your lips Dear One
Hoping to commodisize
The Divine