Readings & Healings

Breathing into your midline
My Teacher used to say, “Healing is just positive change.”

I open myself to being a divine channel for spirit to flow through. I ask that we meet in this sacred space where all is possible. I know that if you desire healing you shall recive healing. I am here to act as midwife, mirror, guide and transformational agent. In each session I relax into deep listening, clear seeing and emotional awareness. The spirit guides that are ever present to assist us are intimately involved in the healing portion of the session.


The Forms:

Question & Answer

Let specific questions arise whether they be about relationship, finances, health, spiritual path, family, or creative endeavor . This is an opportunity for you to find clarity in specific areas of your life. Let your questions come from deep inside and the answers will reveal themselves. This session can alter the way you see yourself, your life and those around you. Assisting you in creating the changes that would be most beneficial in present time.

(30, 45 and 60 minute sessions available)


Rose Reading

This form originated at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. We look at a rose that represents you the spirit in the body in present time. Each aspect of the rose represents a differant aspect of you. This reading looks at where you are as a spirit right now, how you are receiving your divine guidence, how grounded you are on this earth plane, and several past lives still affecting you. This reading is different each time you receive it and always fascinating. It includes time for two questions.

(45 – 60 minutes)


Aura Reading & Healing

In this reading your aura is looked at as seven individual layers. Each layer corresponding to one of your seven chakras and its attributes. ie…first layer is about earth plane experinces, money, security, family of origin imprinting. We begin by looking at the actual energetic well being of the layer. Where it’s clear and flowing and where it’s not. Energetic healing takes place in each layer to help remove blocks, old traumas and beliefs that no longer serve you. Childhood, past life and family energies may show themselves to be removed. The aura registers a disturbance or imbalance before your physical body does and greatly influences the health of your physical body. The aura healing supports health, well being and stability.

(1 hr reading)


Chakra Reading & Alignment

This reading reveals what needs to be balanced in your seven major chakras, your 8th chakra above your head, and your feet,leg, hand and arm chakras. As the session progresses each chakra is explored and a wealth of information is given that will support positive changes in all aspects of your life. You can use the session CD over and over again to clear, balance and repattern your chakras energy flow.

(1 hr reading)


Birthday Reading

Take a look at what cycles you’re completing, what is opening up for you and how to use the coming year to manifest your highest desires. One aspect of the birthday reading is a personal guided visualizaton that rebirths you in a safe, loving and conscious environment. This is also a great birthday gift to give!

( 1hr — special price $80)


30 min~$50  45 min~$75  60min~$95

Birthday Reading $80


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