For Some of us, giving is a way of life.  It’s comfortable and predictable.  We  feel good when we contribute something positive to another.  But if you notice that you give easily and receive poorly you may want to investigate more deeply.   As children or young adults we may not have felt support or truly caring.  We may have turned to giving as a way to secure love, friendship, and a sense of belonging.

If you’re a care giver you may want to check in with how easily you receive.  Does it make you uncomfortable to be taken care of?   Do you feel less in control?  Do you feel like you always have to give if you receive?

Today…notice when someone is trying to give to you, weather It’s a compliment, some kindness, a meal, or help of some kind.   You know how good it feels when you give to others….practice allowing others to give to you.  Yes…you.  You are deserving of it and can practice relaxing into it.  There is an art to receiving, which if cultivated lets the energy flow between you and others in an unending flow.



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