Returning To Oneness

There are many great teachers guiding us to consciousness.  One that I’m currently appreciating is

Leslie Temple -Thurston.   Her book “Returning To Oneness”  is a concise look at what keeps us from consciousness.

In Returning To Oneness, there are seven keys of ascension.  The first key is releasing the belief in Loss & Gain.  This is equivalent to saying, release dualistic thinking.  We are brought up to believe in the dualistic nature of  life.  There are many opposites, pain & pleasure, good & bad, happy & sad, healthy & unhealthy, and of course loss & gain.   Leslie says we hold the belief  of Loss & Gain in our solar plexus, our power center.  I’m investigating this, and it feels true, that when we buy into the story of loss and gain we have an energy block at our solar plexus.  A tightness between our belly and heart, a restriction of flow.   One of the visualizations in the previous blog post, is similar to the meditation Leslie suggests for opening the flow through the center of your body, the (shashumna).

Contemplate for a moment, what life would be like if you didn’t hold the belief of Loss & Gain.  It would dismantle your ego.  Our Ego is constantly involved in dualistic thinking.

What if life, was just life happening without our mind/ego assigning good and bad qualities to it?

How much easier would it be to find balance, harmony and equanimity?

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