Sitting With The Mystics

I was introduced to Mystical writing in my 30s. Reading the great Mystics brought me closer to God, Source, The One. Through these profound, sometimes profane writings my appreciation for spirituality, love, and wisdom emerged

I had the awesome opportunity to sit and write with two internationally known translaters of mystical poetry, this last weekend at the Llama Foundation, in Northern New Mexico. Daniel Ladinski, known for his translations of Rumi and Hafiz, and Mirabai Star, known for her translations of Saint Theresa De Avila, and Saint John Of The Cross. I have often in Meditation heard the voice of the divine speak…..Here’s a couple that you could say, I heard and translated this weekend. Each short verse is a complete poem similar to the Haiku style of Japanese poetry. For more, go to the new Poetry tab.

The Cup sits waiting
Fill it up with your hearts longing
Spilling Out everywhere

I say, I’ll give you everything
One hand behind my back holding
A bag of broken dreams

I am intimate with God
We chat daily
Listening to each other
Like the fascinated lovers
That we are

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