Workshops, Events & Training

Schedule Of  Upcoming Workshops & Events 2016

Portand Oregon  March 7~11th

* In Person Readings

* In Person Mentorship Program


Letting go, Letting God


Rose Readings
The Rose Reading originated at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  It’s an amazing reading that looks at you the spirit in the body in present time.  It reveals past lives that are still affecting you, gives insight and direction to your future and validates you as a soul evolving.  This can be either a 45 minute or hour reading.  If you choose an hour there’s more time for past life information or personal questions.

Mentorship Program ~ Begins when you’re ready

Six 1~hour sessions plus the Foundation Kit

The Mentorship program is a program of self healing that opens and expands your clairvoyant, clairaudient and sensing capacities in an energetically safe and grounded environment. The core curriculum deepens and encourages your connection to divine source, explores a wealth of mind-body centering techniques, and expands upon the tools originally taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. This training encourages neutrality, clarity and presence as you develop your innate gifts and skills. This is offered to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. An initial consultation will help me determine where your training will begin, based on your previous experience and current desires.

Mentorship Program ~ $425


My evolution as a teacher

I began teaching energetic awareness workshops in Portland Oregon in 1999. Then in 2002 while living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I began offering 6 week to 18 month training programs via the phone. I found that I was able to teach the tools I had learned at the Intuitive Healing Center Of Taos by phone, to students on both the mainland and in Spain. This began The Mentorship Program. I experienced surprising success with the phone~mentoring program.

The next step for me was to create a school where students could come together and support each others growth and talent. Portland Oregon was the natural choice. In the summer of 2006 I established The Clairvoyant Training Program of Portland. I had the  privilege of taking three groups of students through an intensive 9-month training. The results were amazing. The students established and honed their ability, certainty and clarity. Many of them became professional readers and most of them experienced profound transformation in their personal and professional lives.

As a teacher my commitment is to help you:

Establish and deepen your connection to your inner knowing
Learn tools & techniques that allow you to change your energy field, your mind, and your emotional patterns
Open up your natural Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and sensing capacities



If you’d like more information please call Janeen Marie at 971-275-4945 or e-mail me at . If you’d like to receive emails about upcoming classes or events please ask to be added to the school’s email list.